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Unwinding the SPIN: Fundraising Reports for Governor Should Clear the Field

To read the full article, click here Excerpts from PoliticsMN: Scott Honour’s campaign had the most receipts of any candidate for governor in the first quarter of 2014, $251,071.02, which included a $50,000 loan from Honour. The campaign spent $201,629.23 and has a COH total of $63,693.73. But unlike any of the other Republican candidates for governor,…[Read More]


Via StarTribune: For Minnesota DFL, GOP, the race for cash is on

To read the full story click here    


Unwinding The SPIN: AP Story Shows Big Differences Between Honour and Other GOP Candidates on MNSure

PoliticsMN Brian Bakst of the Associated Press wrote a must-read story describing the different approaches the Republican candidates for governor had on the future of MNSure. Click here to read the complete story from the Associated Press. The differences between the candidates are very notable, as MNSure will be one of the main campaign issues…[Read More]