Thank you for all your support! We’ve raised over $500,000 to unseat Mark Dayton in November.

I wanted to share some very good news about my campaign for Governor.  As of the end of December, we raised over $500,000 from individual donors; folks who agree that Minnesota isn’t achieving its potential and that we can do better.

As a political outsider and first time candidate, I’m pleased that we’ve been able to raise money and build a strong volunteer base in a crowded race against a group of long-time Republican office holders.  We’ve been successful because we’ve worked hard and because we have the right message: real solutions and bold ideas rather than just more empty political promises.

But as well as we’ve done, this is just a start.  If we Republicans are going to compete against Governor Dayton and his political machine, we need a candidate who can be financially competitive.  We can’t afford to throw an underfunded challenger up against him.  The stakes this November are just too high.

I know my campaign will have the resources necessary to compete and win in November, especially if I can earn your support.

With your help – especially your time and money- we can win in November, pass our ideas into law, and move Minnesota in a better direction.

I look forward to talking with you and seeing you on the campaign trail.